Transport Vehicles & Large models

At Atlas Editions we like to help you relive those treasured memories from yesteryear by producing top quality collectables and that means detail is absolutely key. We make sure each tiny aspect of our models is completely authentic – from the windscreen wipers to the original livery!
Our superb array of collections includes classic trams and coaches, traditional buses and fire engines, iconic trains and even vintage fairground vehicles. As well as our amazing die-cast metal models, you can also collect our stunning Glory of Steam Pocket watches – each piece a true celebration of the classic watchmaker’s art.

 Great British Buses

   The RTW London Bus
+ 1 booklet
+ FREE Poster

£1. 99 + FREE postage & packing

Trams of the World

   The Blackpool Balloon Tram die-cast model
+ 1 Colour Booklet
+ FREE Blackpool Tram Print

£1. 99 + FREE postage & packing

Fire engines

   The AEC Regent III model
+ 6-page Colour Booklet
+ FREE enamelled Fire Engine Keyring

£1. 99 + FREE postage & packing

 The Greatest Show on Earth

   The Carters Tow Truck and Trailer model
+ Certificate of Authenticity
+ FREE Carters Steam Fair Poster

£1. 99 + FREE postage & packing

Tractors of the World

   Ferguson TE20 Tractor replica

+ 1 Certificate of Authenticity

+ FREE Ferguson TE20 print


£1. 99 + FREE postage & packing

Classic Coaches

   Burlingham Seagull die-cast model
+ Certificate of Authenticity
+ FREE Print

£1. 99 + FREE postage & packing

The World of Stobart

   The Stobart Rail Komatsu model
+ Certificate of Authenticity
+ FREE Pin Badge

£2. 99 + FREE postage & packing

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