The greatest British motorcycle of all time!
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   The Triumph Bonneville Motorbike Model
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The greatest British motorcycle of all time!

Yours to own in perfect die-cast metal miniature for just £1.99!

The ultimate classic motorcycle – made in Britain!

Released in 1959, the Triumph Bonneville T120 was an instant classic. A 650cc powerhouse capable of a then unheard–of 100mph. As the years went by this bike’s reputation grew and grew. Superbly engineered, it was effortlessly stylish, too. All experts agree that the best-ever ‘Bonnie’ was the 1967 release on which our magnificent model is based. Just look at the gleaming chrome, the beautiful colouring and the expertly-realised details such as the famous petrol tank and specially-added knee pads. Even the number plate is 100% accurate!

This exclusive 1:24 scale model is worth £14.99, but is yours for just £1.99, with FREE p&p. It will arrive in a superb ‘retro-style’ box and mounted on a stylish display plinth. There’s also a full-colour 4-page booklet detailing the story of this world-famous British bike, and a FREE Triumph Bonneville print worth £4.99 by renowned motorcycle artist Steve Dunn. Once you order, you’ll then be placed on our priority delivery service: each month you will receive the latest, brand new ‘Classic Motorbikes’ replica. As an added bonus you’ll also receive exclusive FREE gifts with your next three deliveries. Read on to find out how to take advantage of this unmissable offer…

Another great British record-breaking bike

So how do you follow one all-time British legend? Simple – with another! And what a bike it is, the Vincent HRD Black Shadow. Dating from the days when British bikes were built by hand, the Black Shadow is one of the best – and most distinctive – motorcycles ever created. Its all-black livery and gold logo is beautifully simple, offsetting the intricate chrome pipework to perfection. With every detail rendered in perfect 1:24 scale, this astonishing model is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful British bike whose place in history was sealed on 13 Sept 1948, when daredevil rider Rollie Free, aboard a trusty Vincent, smashed the 150mph barrier for the first time at Utah’s famous Salt Flats.

And you can read all about it in the 4-page that comes with this model, which will arrive mounted on its plinth and safely stored in its stylish box. Even better, you will pay just £9.99, plus £4.99 p&p, instead of the usual price of £14.99. And if that’s not enough, you’ll also receive three FREE gifts: a fascinating ‘Classic British Motorcycles’ DVD worth £9.99; 12 (yes 12!) nostalgic cigarette-style cards featuring the Vincent Black Shadow and the Triumph Bonneville; and a unique Collector’s Album to store your growing collection of cigarette–style cards.

Incredible motorcycle models and amazing FREE gifts

Just four short weeks after receiving your Vincent HRD Black Shadow, you’ll take delivery of another classic British bike: the all-conquering 750cc Norton Commando. The fact that it was MCN’s ‘Machine of the Year’ for five straight years between 1968 and 1972 says it all, and our replica is based on the superb 1969 release, resplendent in red with that evocative old Norton logo. Priced at just £14.99 (plus £3.49 p&p), your 1:24 scale diecast metal model, with display plinth, ‘retro’ box and colour booklet, will also arrive with 2 FREE gifts: a set of 6 Norton Commando cigarette-style cards and a set of 6 exclusive coasters worth £6.99, each featuring a stunning image of a classic vintage bike.

The following month, you will then receive a faultless 1:24 scale replica of the 1960 BSA Gold Star. This ultra-fast dream machine dominated the Isle of Man TT Race and was a favourite with the Café Races who tore around London’s North Circular in the 1950s and 60s, all aiming to become members of the infamous ‘Ton-Up Club’! Accept your model, plinth, box and booklet for just £14.99 (plus £3.49 p&p) and we will send it to you with a set of 6 BSA Gold Star cigarette-style cards and a beautifully-designed storage box for you to keep your growing collection of booklets – FREE of charge!

A true bike-lover’s dream

Triumph. Vincent. Norton. BSA. Great names from the golden age of British motorcycle manufacturing. From the days when bikes had character and when design was just as important and speed and power. That’s just one of the reasons why we’ve created this collection of Classic Motorbikes – to remind ourselves of an automotive heritage we should rightly be proud of.


But, when it comes to classic vintage bikes, we’ve got to be fair and admit that it’s not just us that made the best ones. This exclusive series also features German and Italian legends, such as the BMW R69 and the Ducati 250 Mach 1, as well as the American Indian Chief and Japan’s Suzuki Katana. There are more Brit bikes too. After all, how could we not include the Brough Superior or the indestructible Royal Enfield Bullet?


Quite simply, if you love classic and vintage motorcycles you must not miss this collection of unique 1:24 scale diecast metal replicas. Beautifully styled, superbly detailed and wonderfully evocative of a bygone age, you will not find a better set of replicas anywhere!

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