Dinky Toys die-cast models

From the 1930s to their Golden Age in the 1950s and 1960s, Dinky Toys were must-have for any self-respecting schoolboy. That’s why we’ve brought them back, in brand–new 100% accurate and officially licensed castings based on rare and valuable originals. This is your chance to relive a vanished age and celebrate a great British brand. We’ve got Dinky Toys replicas in all shapes and sizes, from simple, but wonderfully nostalgic, classic cars, to ‘Supertoy’ trucks and vans - as well as superbly-engineered ‘Deluxe’ Dinkys with opening doors, bonnets and boots! Yes, it’s true, Dinky Toys are back! Prices start at just £1.99 with free p&p on your first delivery and free gifts! Then, we’ll give you at least 33% or £5 off your next shipment/parcel. After that, it’s only £14.99 + p&p for all future deliveries. Great value and absolutely nothing to pay today. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down!

Dinky Toys

   The Morris Mini-Traveller model
+ 1 Fact File & Certificate of Authenticity
+ FREE Dinky Toys Club Keyring

£1. 99 + FREE postage & packing

Dinky Trucks

The Leyland Octopus ‘ESSO’ Tanker
+ Certificate of Authenticity
+ FREE Pin Badge

£2. 99 + FREE postage & packing

'Deluxe' Dinky Toys

The Aston Martin DB5 model
+ Certificate of Authenticity
+ FREE Pin Badge

£1. 99 + FREE postage & packing

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