Robin Redbreast and British Bird Figurines
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Robin Redbreast and British Bird Figurines

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Celebrate the Robin Redbreast - and help save Britain's birds

On even the frostiest winter morning, the sight and sound of a cheeky, chirpy, red-breasted Robin in your garden is sure to raise a smile.

He’s loyal, too, coming back to your garden year after year. In fact, woe betide other birds that try to intrude on his turf once he’s claimed it. That’s why you will often see him perched on a garden spade handle – he’s always on the lookout for space invaders!

A natural-born survivor, that’s our Robin. And that’s why we’re paying tribute to him with this lovely figurine. Beautifully sculpted in Britain, finely-cast in sculptor’s resin and hand-painted, it can be yours for just £1.99, plus FREE p&p – a saving of £13 on the normal price of £14.99. You’ll also receive a Certificate of Authenticity and Fact File, 4 bird-themed vintage postcards and a mystery gift – all exclusive, all FREE, just for replying.

And that’s not all. Order today and you’ll be placed on our priority delivery service. Each month you will receive the latest brand-new British Birds Collection figurine. As a added bonus, with your next 2 deliveries you will also receive some exclusive FREE gifts. Read on to find out how to take advantage of this unmissable offer.

Exquisite craftsmanship and an incredible offer

With the Cheeky Little Robin figurine in your hand, there’s no doubt you’ll want to see the next beautiful sculpture we have created for you – the enchanting Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.

Unlike other members of the woodpecker family, this characterful bird is becoming increasingly rare. And though it’s a small bird, it’s a little beauty with its dramatic black and white plumage and that vibrant flash of scarlet on its head. Take a walk through a sunlit woodland glade and you’re sure to hear its haunting ‘kee’ echo among the trees – although observing this shy and elusive bird is another matter.

But now you can see it, captured in characteristic pose on a sturdy branch amid a clutch of ripe, red and black berries. The attention to detail is stunning. It has to be seen to be believed. As a bonus, it will arrive on your doorstep along with a Certificate of Authenticity and two great FREE gifts: a fascinating ‘British Birdlife’ DVD worth £9.99, featuring all our favourite feathered friends in action, and a Discount Voucher saving you £5 on the price of your model. That’s right, the normal price is £14.99, but you pay just £9.99, plus £4.99 p&p!

Beautiful British birds, exclusive FREE gifts!

It doesn’t stop there. The great offers just keep coming. Accept the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and the following month we will send to you for just £14.99 (plus £3.49p&p) the colourful, friendly Blue Tit, along with a Certificate of Authenticity and Fact File.

Wonderfully sculpted, her bright blue and yellow plumage is complemented by artfully-arranged crab apple blossoms and vivid green leaves. A superb example of the best of British sculpting. Even better, your model comes with 6 specially-commissioned coasters, each bearing a lovely, vintage bird illustration. Worth £6.99, they are yours FREE.

Just four short weeks after receiving your spellbinding Blue Tit we will deliver to you one of the most stunning of all British birds – the majestic Kingfisher. Our evocative figurine shows him poised on a riverside alder branch, beautiful wings spread wide in preparation to plunge headlong into the waters in search of prey. This dramatic piece is a steal at just £14.99 (plus £3.49p&p), especially as it is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Fact File, along with a unique and charming FREE vintage keyring, designed exclusively for us.

It’s an incredible offer – you don’t even have to send any money now. There’s no commitment – ever – and you only pay for the figurines you decide to keep. Return your figurine or cancel your order within 10 days you will owe us nothing!

All subsequent issues are £14.99 plus £3.49 p&p.

  • You will receive an exclusive figurine from the British Birds Collection approximately every 4 weeks, unless you cancel your subscription.

    – Parcel 1: you will receive the Cheeky Little Robin and two FREE gifts for just £1.99 + FREE p&p

    – Parcel 2: you will receive the Woodpecker Figurine and a FREE gift for just £9.99 + £4.99 p&p

    – Parcel 3: you will receive the Blue Tit Figurine and a FREE gift for £14.99 + £3.49 p&p

    – Parcel 4 and beyond: you will build up your collection by receiving a new figurine each month for just £14.99 + £3.49 p&p

  • No need to pay anything now. You will only be charged once you have received each exclusive figurine and decided to keep it with our 14-day try-before-you-buy policy.

  • No commitment: you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

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