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The easy way to unlock your PC’s full potential

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Success guaranteed with our unique step-by-step computer guides

Are you fed up hearing about all the wonderful things you can do on your computer but don’t know how? Well, problem solved! These specially-commissioned ‘Easiest PC Guide - Ever!’ booklets have been created just for you. We start at the beginning, plugging in your PC and turning it on. Then we show you how to make your computer work for you, in easy, illustrated step-by-step stages. No jargon. No annoying technospeak. Just simple computer guides written in plain English. At last!

It’s our guarantee that in no time at all you’ll become an instant expert on all manner of PC subjects. Each of the 60 booklets focuses on a different topic, including:

- Store and show your cherished digital photographs.
- Banish viruses from your computer – forever!
- Learn about broadband and find the best deal for you.
- Find all those long-lost files you thought you’d lost.
- Discover the wonders of email and how to use the internet.

What’s more, order your 60 ‘Easiest PC Guide – Ever!’ booklets today for just 99p plus FREE p&p, saving you £26, and we’ll also send you a FREE compact PC Cleaning Kit! And that’s not all – order today and you will be placed onto our priority customer delivery service to make sure you get the latest brand new Easiest PC guides every month – and receive some exciting and incredibly useful FREE gifts too! Read on to find out more.

Instant success - plus unbeatable savings and FREE gifts!

Once you have received your first 60 booklets, your confidence will grow and you’ll be ready to discover more fun and practical topics to keep your motivation and knowledge going! In your next exciting delivery – we’ll send you 2 fantastic new sets of ‘Easiest PC Guide – Ever!’ booklets AND give you a further 2 sets for FREE worth £9.00! That’s an astonishing 40 new incredibly easy PC guides covering 40 brand new topics to help you develop new skills and save money everyday, including:
- How to make FREE phone calls from your computer
- Save money by reducing Gas & Electricity bills
- Protect your computer and beware of ‘scareware’
- Make a family album slide-show
- How to trade on ebay

All of these incredible PC booklets worth £18.00 are yours for just £9.00 plus £4.99 p&p! We’ll even send you a superb FREE webcam worth £6.99! And if you are reading this amazing offer but haven’t quite decided on which PC to buy – don’t worry, because we’ll send you an expertly-written ‘What PC Booklet’! This FREE 8-page jargon-free guide will help you find the right PC for you.

And, to help you get organised – you’ll also receive a FREE ring binder worth £4.99 and a set of colour-coded dividers worth £1.99 to store all your PC Guides easily.

An essential reference for all the family!

And how do we know our unique 4-page guides will bring you the computer confidence you’ve always craved? Well, don’t just take our word for it – we’ve joined forces with those world-renowned technical experts at Haynes Publishing to create these booklets. Haynes are famed for their ability to make the complex simple. And that’s exactly what they’ve helped us to do with the ‘Easiest PC Guide – Ever!’ There’s so much more to using your computer than sending emails and browsing the internet, and we’ll help you to discover how you can make your PC work for you! This truly is computing for beginners, computing for seniors – in fact, it’s computing for everyone! Even better, with our guides you can learn at your own pace and do as much or as little as you like.

Following your second delivery with all those amazing free gifts, you will receive a bumper set of 30 brand-new and exclusive ‘Easiest PC Guide – Ever!’ booklets every month, guaranteed to cover completely new topics. At just £13.50 plus £3.99 p&p for each set of 30 booklets, we are sure you’ll agree these are incredible value for money.

Try them for yourself and see. In no time at all you’ll be using your computer like a professional. We’ve focused on simple, practical topics designed to build your computer confidence. Remember you’re always in control. With the Atlas Editions Satisfaction Guarantee, you are never committed to buy anything you are not 100% satisfied with – it’s completely up to you!

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