Introducing Eddie Stobart's 'Emma Jade' H4663
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Introducing Eddie Stobart's 'Emma Jade' H4663

Atlas Editions brings you an exclusive offer

A national treasure

When it comes to trucking in the UK, there’s Eddie Stobart and then there’s everyone else. It is, by a country mile, the nation’s best-known and best-loved logistics company. After all, what other transportation company has its own fan club?

There’s just something about Eddie Stobart that sets it apart from the competition. Maybe it’s the drivers, like Mark Dixon from Eddie Stobart: Trucks & Trailers, the ‘star’ of our very own TV ad, which you can see by clicking the image on the left; or perhaps it’s the lovingly maintained cabs, each one individually named and numbered; then again, it could be the name itself, so reassuringly solid and reliable!

But it’s probably all of these things, plus the fact that Eddie Stobart is a great British success story – the little firm from Cumbria that conquered the world of road haulage.

Even today, despite its impressive size, Eddie Stobart Ltd still has the aura of a friendly family firm - albeit one with a multi-million pound turnover. And it's that combination of business acumen and approachability that helps make the company so popular.

Your very own Eddie Stobart truck

That’s why we at Atlas Editions have worked together with Eddie Stobart to bring you ‘Emma Jade’, this officially licensed and perfectly crafted 1:76 scale diecast Volvo FH Fridge Trailer. It’s 100% accurate in every respect. Even the number plate’s correct. Plus, of course, the ‘Emma Jade’ name, in the front grille and doors, along with the ‘H4663’ fleet number that all true Stobart spotters look for.

An impressive 23cm long, this finely-crafted model will take pride of place in any Stobart lover’s home. We’ve even created a fantastic trailer style box for it, and you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity and a FREE Eddie Stobart pin badge, all for just £2.99, plus FREE p&p.

And that’s not all. Order today and you’ll be placed on our priority delivery service – each month you will receive the latest, brand new officially-licensed Eddie Stobart replica. Plus, as an added bonus with your next two deliveries, you will also receive an exclusive Eddie Stobart approved FREE gift. So, read on to find out how to take advantage of this unmissable offer…

Get more great models, more free gifts

Once you’ve received your wonderful ‘Emma Jade’ Eddie Stobart model and admired its incredible workmanship and attention to detail, there’s no doubt you’ll want to see the next exclusive Eddie Stobart-approved model we’ve created for you – the magnificent ‘Karen Patricia’ Scania Topline Curtainside, in that classic red and green Eddie Stobart livery. Worth £14.99, it’s yours for just £11.99, plus £4.99p&p. You’ll also receive, FREE of charge, a gift from us to you, a great Eddie Stobart spotter’s notepad and exclusive Eddie Stobart pen. Together, they’re worth almost £10, but they will be yours to keep for FREE. The next month, we will send you the beautiful AEC Ergomatic 6-Wheel Tipper. At just £14.99, plus £4.99p&p, this is a specially-commissioned casting of a classic vintage truck from a bygone age. This brand new model has never been offered anywhere else and is exclusive to Atlas Editions. What’s more, when your model arrives it comes complete with six – yes, six – exclusive Eddie Stobart coasters worth £6.99, FREE of charge. It’s an incredible offer – and you don’t even have to send any money now. There’s no commitment – ever – and you only pay for the models you decide to keep. If you return your model or cancel your order within 10 days you will owe us nothing! And remember, this exclusive offer is made in association with Eddie Stobart Plc. It’s 100% official! All subsequent issues are £14.99 plus £4.99 p&p.

Stobart goes from strength-to-strength

The modern-day Stobart success story began in the 1970s, when Edward Stobart took over his father Eddie’s agricultural clearance business and began to turn it into the company we know and love today. In those early days Edward even drove the trucks himself, naming the first four after his favourite female entertainers: Twiggy, Dolly (Parton), Tammy (Wynette) and Suzi (Quatro). This tradition continues to this day, with Eddie Stobart fan club members even getting the opportunity to name cabs – which tens of thousands of Eddie Stobart ‘spotters’ up and down the land take great delight in looking out for on Britain’s roads and motorways. Today, under Edward’s brother William Stobart and Chief Executive Andrew Tinkler, the company has gone on to even bigger and better things, branching out into planes and trains as well as automobiles. Eddie Stobart is no longer simply a trucking firm but is Britain’s leading multi-modal and logistics company, with more than 5,000 employees, 2,250 trucks, 3,500 trailers and 6 million square feet of warehousing around the UK! And now it’s a success story you can share. With our officially-licensed Eddie Stobart die-cast models we’re offering you the unmissable opportunity to do what all true admirers of this great British institution can only dream of. That’s right, we are inviting you to create your very own fleet of Eddie Stobart trucks and trailers!

© 2017 Eddie Stobart Ltd.

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