Stunning Ornamental Porcelain Floral Treasures
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Stunning Ornamental Porcelain Floral Treasures

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Inspired by the majesty of the exotic East

The fabled ‘Imari’ pattern of late 17th century Japan has inspired pottery-makers worldwide for hundreds of years. Many of the most renowned China houses have drawn on the design’s distinctive cobalt blue and gold colours to create their own highly distinctive decorative vase, plates and other tableware.To further enhance the beauty of this exclusive piece, it is topped by a stunning posy of rich red poppies and pretty carnations, wonderfully realised in the finest sculptor’s resin and hand-painted. Worth £14.99, this special ‘Floral Treasure’ is yours for just £1.99 (plus FREE p&p). It will arrive in a presentation box, along with a Certificate of Authenticity. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a beautiful poppy brooch worth £3.99 also absolutely FREE.

Several renowned potteries have all drawn on Imari’s rich heritage. Now Atlas Editions is proud to add its name to those illustrious forebears, by creating a superbly intricate Imari-inspired design to grace our miniature real porcelain vase. This superb replica, edged in gold, is a mini masterpiece of the vase-maker’s art.

That’s not all. Order today and you’ll be placed on our priority delivery service. Each month you’ll receive the latest beautiful ‘Floral Treasure’ as well as more exclusive FREE gifts with your next two deliveries. Read on to find out more…

A mistress and a master of their craft

Fans of Art Deco – and fine pottery – will surely love the next ‘Floral Treasure’ we have for you: a charming Clarice Cliff-style vase. Clarice Cliff was famed for her warm, rich designs and this vase, inspired by her renowned ‘Bizarre’ pattern, is a perfect homage to a pioneering woman. Adorned with a crown of yellow zinnias, red roses and pink rock roses – all hand-painted in fine sculptor’s resin – it is a true object of beauty. And at just £8.99 (+ £4.99 p&p) it’s superb value for money. Better still, it will arrive boxed, with a Certificate of Authenticity and accompanied by a FREE Poppy Necklace worth £7.99.

The following month, you’ll be the proud recipient of another wonderful ‘Floral Treasure’, a Spode-inspired porcelain jug bearing the historic ‘Willow Pattern’ design, this time topped by a bouquet of hand-painted old garden roses, clematis and anemones skilfully carved in sculptor’s resin. You pay just £14.99 (+ £3.99 p&p) for this beautiful keepsake, which will be sent to you boxed, with a Certificate of Authenticity, plus, FREE, 4 floral-themed vintage postcards and a stylish and versatile floral scarf worth £9.99! All subsequent issues are £14.99 plus £3.99 p&p.

A must-have ‘Floral Treasures’ collection!

Who would not want to have their own collection of some of the world’s finest items of porcelain? As a sign of good taste and discernment, an expertly-curated assembly of heritage vases is hard to beat.

And that is what this collection delivers in fine style. Each item has a fascinating and historic story behind it. Think of Josiah Spode, the friend and contemporary of Wedgwood, who, not happy with the lustre and shine of ‘ordinary’ porcelain, ground up animal remains and invented bone China! Or Clarice Cliff, the young woman who took on the male-dominated and hidebound British porcelain industry at beat it at its own game. And there’s so much more to marvel at, such as that early 20th century classic, Moorcroft, or that quintessentially French pottery house, Limoges. This list is long and illustrious – and not to be missed!

But, in the end, notwithstanding the stories and the history and the heritage, this is a collection that celebrates both an incredible tradition of craftsmanship and the rich bounty of nature through the timeless allure of porcelain and the beauty of flowers – now brought together in this exclusive and specially commissioned set of ‘Floral Treasures’.

  • You will receive an exclusive vase and posy from the Floral Treasures Collection approximately every 4 weeks, unless you cancel your subscription.

    – Parcel 1: you will receive the Floral Treasure Vase & Posy and a FREE gift for just £1.99 + FREE p&p

    – Parcel 2: you will receive the Art Deco Floral Treasure Vase & Posy and a FREE gift for just £8.99 + £4.99 p&p

    – Parcel 3: you will receive the Willow Pattern Floral Treasure Vase & Posy and two FREE gifts for £14.99 + £3.99 p&p

    – Parcel 4 and beyond: you will build up your collection by receiving a new Floral Treasure vase and posy each month for just £14.99 + £3.99 p&p

  • No need to pay anything now. You will only be charged once you have received each exclusive Floral Treasure vase and posy and decided to keep it with our 14-day try-before-you-buy policy.

  • No commitment: you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

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