The British motorcycle that broke the land speed record
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The British motorcycle that broke the land speed record

Yours to own in perfect die-cast metal miniature for just £1.99!

The ultimate classic motorcycle – made in Britain!

Released in 1948, the Vincent HRD Black Shadow was miles ahead of the pack, capable of a teeth-rattling 125mph – with a modified version racing to a world-record-breaking 150mph in September 1948! Twice the price of a ‘normal’ motorcycle, it was a machine for connoisseurs. Just 1,700 of this hand-built beauty were made. Today they fetch up to £80,000 at auction, on the rare occasion they come up for sale!


So why not buy one – in perfect 1:24 scale die-cast for just £1.99, with FREE p&p? (Especially as it’s worth £14.99!). It will arrive mounted on a stylish display plinth in a superb ‘retro-style’ box, with a full-colour 4-page booklet and two FREE gifts: a set of 6 Black Shadow ‘cigarette cards’ and a set of 6 ‘Classic Motorbikes’ coasters worth £6.99.


That’s not all. Order today and you’ll be placed on our priority delivery service: each month you will receive the latest, brand new ‘Classic Motorbikes’ replica. As an added bonus you’ll also receive exclusive FREE gifts with your next two deliveries. Read on to find out how…

More bikes, more free gifts

So how do you follow one iconic motorcycling masterpiece? Simple: with another one. The Kawasaki Mach IV represented everything that made Japanese bike design so successful. Produced from 1972 to 1975 it was fast, compact and looked great. No wonder they called it ‘the King of the Streets’. Your evocative 1:24 scale plinth-mounted and boxed replica, with 4-page booklet, is just £9.99 (plus £4.99 p&p), and will be sent direct to you with a FREE ‘Classic British Motorcycles’ DVD worth £9.99.


The following month, you will receive another Classic Motorbike: the mighty Norton Commando. It’s a stone-cold classic, winning MCN’s coveted ‘Machine of the Year’ five times in row between 1968 and 1972! Easily one of the best British bikes ever. It’s a bargain at £14.99 (plus £4.99 p&p), especially as it comes beautifully presented on its presentation plinth and boxed, and with a 4-page booklet. PLUS, there are two FREE gifts: a storage box to house your growing collection of 4-page booklets and a specially-commissioned and exclusive ‘Classic Motorbikes’ clock worth £12.99! All subsequent Classic Motorbike models are £14.99, plus £4.99 p&p.

A true bike-lover’s dream

We Brits are a nation of bikers. We used to make them (better than anyone else, that’s for sure) and we still love to ride them. Our motorways and A-roads are studded with famous biker hangouts: the Ace Café on the North Circular, Wessons in East Sussex, Squires in North Yorkshire and the Durlston Castle in Swanage to name but a few. It’s why we have created this once-in-a-lifetime collection of classic motorcycles – our history and our heritage demanded it!


And because we know that lots of other countries created great bikes, we’ve included those too. Amid the Vincents and the Nortons there are Continental classics such as the BMS R69 and the Ducati 250, plus machines from further afield including the Honda CB750 from Japan and America’s superb Indian Chief. We just wanted to include the best of the best. See if you agree.


Quite simply, if you love classic and vintage motorcycles you must not miss this collection of unique 1:24 scale die-cast replicas. Beautifully styled, superbly detailed and wonderfully evocative of a bygone age, you will not find a better set of replicas anywhere!


  • You will receive an exclusive model from the Classic Motorbikes Collection approximately every 4 weeks, unless you cancel your subscription.

    – Parcel 1: you will receive the Vincent Black Shadow and 2 FREE gifts for just £1.99 + FREE p&p

    – Parcel 2: you will receive the Kawasaki Mach IV and a FREE gift for just £9.99 + £4.99 p&p

    – Parcel 3: you will receive the Norton Commando and 2 FREE gifts for £14.99 + £4.99 p&p

    – Parcel 4 and beyond: you will build up your collection by receiving a new model each month for just £14.99 + £4.99 p&p

  • No need to pay anything now. You will only be charged once you have received each exclusive model and decided to keep it with our 14-day try-before-you-buy policy.

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