BLITZKRIEG! The Tiger I Tank
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BLITZKRIEG! The Tiger I Tank

Awesome WWII die-cast metal tank model

Face to face with the terrifying Tiger Tank

It sounds like nothing on earth, a relentless whining, grinding whirr of metal pulverising everything in its path. The terrifying Tiger Tank. With a massive 88mm cannon and 12cm‑thick armour‑plating, this 56‑ton beast simply could not be stopped. It was the ultimate tank. That’s why we have created this stunning 1:72 scale die-cast metal replica of one of the most feared weapons of WWII, evocatively decorated with the SS markings of Michael Wittmann, perhaps the most successful tank commander ever. This was a man who in a single 15 minute engagement destroyed 14 Allied Tanks, two anti-tank guns and 15 transport vehicles. Simply awesome!

This 100% accurate replica worth £14.99 is yours for just £1.99 (+ FREE p&p). It comes on a sturdy plinth and showcase box, with an informative 6‑page colour booklet, plus a FREE ‘Tiger Tank’ Haynes cutaway poster and four reproduction WWII postcards. Plus, order now and you’ll be placed on our priority delivery service: each month you’ll receive the latest ‘Ultimate Tanks of WWII’ replica. You’ll also get exclusive FREE gifts with your next three deliveries. So, read on to find out how to take advantage of this unmissable offer…

The mighty Sherman blasts back

Throughout WWII the Tiger Tank’s great adversary was the US-built Sherman. That’s why the Sherman M4A2 is the next exclusive model in this collection. Not as heavy or as powerful as the Tiger, the Sherman was lighter on its feet – harder to hit and adept at ‘hit‑and‑run’ attacks on German lines.

Your model comes in the markings of the 13/18th Hussars used for the epic D-Day landings of 6 June 1944. A truly iconic vehicle commemorating the engagement that finally turned the War in the Allies’ favour. As well as your plinth‑mounted model, showcase box and 6‑page booklet, you will also receive a fascinating ‘Tanks at War’ DVD, using footage sourced from the vaults of the Imperial War Museum. Worth £9.99, it is yours FREE!

And how much will your exclusive Sherman M4A2 model cost? Well, it’s worth £14.99 (+£4.99 p&p), but thanks to the £5 discount voucher you will also receive, it is yours for just £9.99 (+£4.99 p&p). Wonderful value for a wonderful model.

More incredible tanks, more great gifts

The era-defining tanks just keep coming. Four weeks after the Sherman, you will receive the T‑34, one of the best tanks ever made, superbly rugged and resilient. The Germans hated this tank - their shells simply bounced off its sloping armour. Our model reproduces this great Soviet tank with authentic 1942 markings from the siege of Stalingrad. Your model, with plinth, showcase box and 6‑page booklet, is just £14.99 (+ £3.99 p&p), and comes with the added bonus of a 64‑page full colour ‘Tiger Tank' Owners Workshop Mini‑Manual, created by Haynes Publishing exclusively for Atlas Editions. Worth £6.99, it’s yours FREE!

The following month, we will send you an absolute stunner. The indestructible Tiger II. Fortunately for the Allies, this unstoppable monster was developed too late in the War to have a major impact, but it has still entered the tanks’ hall of fame for its sheer might and power. That's why tank aficionados call it the 'King Tiger', weighing in at a hefty 68.5 tons. At just £14.99 (+ £3.99 p&p) it’s a steal, too, especially as it will arrive with its plinth, box, 6‑page colour booklet and yet another FREE gift – a storage box to keep your growing collection of 6‑page booklets safe and at hand. All subsequent issues are £14.99 plus £3.99 p&p.

The ultimate WWII tank collection!

This incredible collection of die-cast metal models marks an era-defining moment in military history – the dawn of mechanized warfare. Gone were the bloody hand-to-hand infantry battles that punctuated WWI, not to mention the grindingly slow and negatively defensive tactic of trench warfare.

By 1939 armies had to be mobile and manoeuvrable. The tank was the ultimate expression of this and it changed the face of warfare forever. But what was it like to drive one? The heat, the tension and the fear must have been incredible. The crew of these mechanical monsters, whether friend or foe, were truly brave souls indeed.

This collection remembers those troops and their epic battlefield exploits. It features tanks from every major theatre of WWII, from the snowy wastes of the Eastern Front to the baking deserts of El Alamein, and includes British, German, American, Soviet tanks and more – all in new and authentic liveries. It truly is the best collection of WWII tanks ever assembled.

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