Eddie Stobart… always on time!
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Eddie Stobart… always on time!

An unmissable offer from Atlas Editions

The nation’s favourite keeps on trucking

What comes to mind when you think of Eddie Stobart? Those distinctive named trucks? The gleaming liveries? The friendly drivers, always impeccably turned out? All of those things, of course – but above all, Eddie Stobart keeps Britain moving. Always on the go… and always on time! It’ s something this family–run business prides itself on, and with good reason. In our fast-paced world where we all want our goods and services delivered yesterday, Eddie Stobart gets the job done. There’s no fuss, no bother, just a helpful and efficient service that’s as regular as clockwork.

So what better way to celebrate this great British institution than with a beautifully–crafted, silver–plated pocket watch? And not just any pocket watch, but a hand–wound mechanical masterpiece. It’s the perfect combination: an organisation whose trucks you can set your watch by and a timepiece you can do that with! Working closely with Eddie Stobart Ltd we’ve ensured that this lovely, expertly–engineered tribute to one of Britain’s best–loved companies is something you will both admire and be able to rely on – just like Eddie Stobart!

A silver-plated heirloom of the future

Eddie Stobart’s fleet of more than 2,000 vehicles are a reassuring sight on our roads. And now we have immortalised one on this superb silver–plated mechanical pocket watch. ‘Bethany Ann’ is a hard–working Mercedes–Benz Actros, and when we commissioned transport artist Trevor Mitchell to paint her little did we suspect what a stirring and inspiring image he would create. It’s the work of a master craftsman – as is the watch itself, a full hunter with skeleton face that allows you to see the intricate mechanism in action. Turn the watch over and it’s elegantly engraved with all the truck’s details.

At just £2.99, with FREE p&p, it’s incredible value – especially as it is worth £14.99! It will be sent to you in a sumptuously–lined presentation box along with a Certificate of Authenticity, plus a FREE pocket watch chain worth £3.99. That’s not all. Order today and we will place you on our priority delivery service, meaning that each month you will receive the latest timepiece in this exclusive Eddie Stobart Pocket Watch collection. Plus, in your next three deliveries you’ll receive some exclusive FREE gifts. Read on to find out more…

More stunning watches, more FREE gifts

So, how do you follow that? Simple: with ‘Marion Ivy’. This spotter’s favourite is a classic Volvo, and artist Trevor Mitchell has captured her in full flow. She’s mounted on a very special silver-plated mechanical pocket watch, fully engraved on the back and sporting a skeleton face with elegant Roman numeral hour markers and numbered 5–second interval markers. Smartly presented in her presentation box with Certificate of Authenticity, she is just £8.99 (+ £4.99 p&p) and will be sent to you with a FREE ‘Marion Ivy’ print worth £4.99 and a FREE ‘Bethany Ann’ print worth £4.99, both exclusively created for us – and you – by Trevor Mitchell.

The following month we will be delighted to send you an exclusive ‘Jodie Maria’ silver–plated mechanical pocket watch. This popular Scania is shown sweeping majestically through the stunning Cumbrian countryside. Another Trevor Mitchell classic! The engraved watch, with Certificate of Authenticity and presentation box, is an elegant hunter with an intriguing ‘checkerboard’ skeleton dial. A steal at just £14.99 (+ £3.99 p&p), she will arrive with an eye–catching pair of FREE ‘Bethany Ann’ silver–plated cufflinks worth £9.99! All subsequent issues are £14.99 plus £3.99 p&p.

An absolutely essential collection – don’t miss out!

One of the beauties of this exclusive collection is that no two silver– plated mechanical pocket watches are the same. Each bears a specially– commissioned artwork by Trevor Mitchell of an Eddie Stobart truck. There’s ‘Alexandria 21’, a wonderful MAN tanker, and ‘Lauren Aimee’, an imposing Volvo FH13. Vintage Stobart fans will love ‘Ellie Evie’ an all– time classic Atkinson Borderer, while even the most die– hard ‘spotter’ will be impressed by ‘Kerry Jane’ the only Scania T-Cab to ever appear in the Stobart fleet. There really is nothing else like this available anywhere else – and it’s only available from Atlas Editions.

And each watch is different, too. Some have ‘open’ skeleton dials, others full faces. Several show Roman numerals and some show Arabic figures – while others display both! These timepieces celebrate the skill and variety of the watch–makers’ art. The attention to detail is superb – the fine milling of the winders, the subtle shaping of the bevelled edges. A connoisseurs’ classic, there’s no commitment to take any more watches – but we’re certain you will! So go on, order now!

© 2017 Eddie Stobart Ltd.

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