The ‘World of Stobart’ - Stobart Rail, Trucks & Diggers
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The ‘World of Stobart’ - Stobart Rail, Trucks & Diggers

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Uncover the world of Stobart that no one knows…

Do you think you know Eddie Stobart? Well, think again. Their trucks and trailers are a well-known and much-loved sight on our roads and motorways, beloved by an army of ‘spotters’ and the subject of many an on-the-road version of eye-spy. But the nation’s favourite haulier is growing and diversifying. They’re still completely focused on doing what they do best – getting things from A to B, quickly and efficiently – it’s just that they’re now committed to doing it even better. Whether it’s Stobart Rail, Stobart Maintenance or Stobart Air, the company is using all of its considerable resources to help keep Britain moving. Add to that their all-action Stobart Sport division and you can see this is a company that likes to keep busy!

This is a side of the company that few people see – until now. After all, when was the last time you visited a building site, or a train yard? We don’t suppose you spend much time at one of the country’s many busy container ports either, or that you have ‘behind the scenes’ access to Carlisle and Southend Airports. If you did, you’d be lucky enough to witness some of Stobart’s biggest and best vehicles in action, a rich and varied collection a world away from the fleet of road-going lorries we all know and love.

The king of excavators

So, stand back and admire the Stobart Rail Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator. Rarely seen by the general public, it’s one of the company’s most awe-inspiring pieces of kit. With its super-long digger arm it’s capable of excavating up to a height of 22m and a depth of 17.4m. Perfect for carving out railway embankments or building foundation pits, it is, quite simply, the king of excavators.

And our stunning 1:76-scale die-cast model replicates every detail of this industrial mega-machine in perfect detail. It’s fully articulated, too, and had been reproduced in satisfyingly heavy solid metal. Even better, it’s officially licensed and approved by Eddie Stobart, so you can rest assured that it is 100% accurate in every respect, from the up-to-date livery to the ‘W122’ fleet number. It’s yours for just £2.99 (with FREE p&p), a huge saving of £12 on the normal price. It will arrive plinth-mounted and boxed, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Order now and you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity and a FREE Komatsu pin badge, worth £2.99.

As well as this fantastic package, you’ll also be placed on our priority delivery service. Each month you'll receive the latest, exclusive replica licensed by the Stobart Group and some great FREE gifts. Read on to find out how to take advantage of this unmissable offer…

More incredible models, more amazing free gifts

It’s the perfect accompaniment to your Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator, another ‘big beast’ from the Stobart Rail fleet: ‘Lily Jean’, a stunning Scania R560 Low Loader. In fact, in real life ‘Lily Jean’, towing a huge 16-wheel low-loader, has the enviable job of transporting plant machinery such as the Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator from job to job. Your 1:76 scale die-cast replica of ‘Lily Jean’ is a wonder to behold – at a whopping 28cm long that’s an awful lot of metal for our asking price of just £9.99 (+ £4.99 p&p). Your plinth mounted and boxed model will arrive not just with a Certificate of Authenticity but also with two FREE gifts: an ‘Eddie Stobart Trucks and Trailers’ DVD worth £8.99, and a set of 4 exclusive Stobart-themed postcards.

The following month, we will send you the no-nonsense Doosan Daewoo Mega 300-V. It can shift some serious earth and, again, the detail on your die-cast metal 1:76 scale replica is superb. Like the Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator, it’s fully articulated. Awesome! Along with its plinth, box and Certificate of Authenticity it will be sent to you with a FREE set of 6 ‘World of Stobart’ coasters in a specially designed metal tin, worth £6.99. And the Doosan Daewoo Mega 300-V’s price? Just £14.99 (+ £4.99 p&p). This model is 100% exclusive to Atlas Editions and is not available in any shops. Make sure you don’t miss it! All subsequent issues are £14.99 plus £4.99 p&p.

Join this exclusive club

So what else in store when you enter the ‘World of Stobart’? That’s some question. After all, there’s such a wide array of vehicles to choose from. One of the most exciting replicas is the Gloster Saro ‘Javelin’ Airport Crash Tender, a superb fire engine based at the Stobart-owned Southend Airport. Then there’s the Mercedes Unimog U1650, easily one of the best off-road vehicles ever created. Railway buffs will appreciate ‘Eddie the Engine’ a class 66/9 locomotive, while, for four-wheel fans, there’s ‘Sammy Shammy’, a hard-working MAN 4-wheel ‘Stobart Maintenance’ box van. And, here’s a teaser, just wait until your see the incredible Konecranes Reach Stacker…

All the models in this unique and exclusive collection are exact replicas of real Stobart vehicles, past and present. There are no made-up models and no poetic licence, just the real thing – all perfectly rendered in totally accurate detail. For most of us, it’s the closest we’ll ever get to seeing most of these vehicles in action, so we had to put in that extra bit of effort to make sure these officially licensed and approved replicas are the very best they can be. We think they are. Order yours now and see if you agree. We are 100% certain you will. And, if you want to find out more about Eddie Stobart, visit

© 2018 Eddie Stobart Ltd.


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    – Parcel 3: you will receive the Doosan Daewoo and a FREE gift for £14.99 + £4.99 p&p

    – Parcel 4 and beyond: you will build up your collection by receiving a new model each month for just £14.99 + £4.99 p&p

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