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The Heritage Teddy Bear Collection

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It is no coincidence that bear collectors are known as ‘arctophiles’ – a term that combines the Greek words for ‘bear’ and ‘love’. Whether you’re a committed arctophile or you just had that one special companion growing up, this exclusive collection of teddy bears will undoubtedly stir treasured memories.


For well over a century people have loved collecting teddy bears, and each gorgeous bear in this heart-warming collection marks a special milestone in that charming history. Teddy bears are as loved now as they have ever been and have become amazingly collectable, the rarest routinely selling for five-figure sums at auction! Teddy bears are loved the world over, as the sheer number of international teddy bear museums and festivals testifies. However, there are some bears that can’t be found in any museum (yet), or any shop for that matter, and they make up this exclusive Heritage Teddy Bear Collection. 

A bear fit for a President

The teddy bear phenomenon began with a beautifully crafted stuffed bear that sat in the window of Morris and Rose Michtom’s shop in New York in 1902. Inspired by US President Theodore (“Teddy”) Roosevelt’s refusal to shoot a trapped bear on a hunt, the toy version received Roosevelt’s seal of approval and became his campaign mascot for the 1904 presidential campaign. Needless to say he was re-elected. That’s why we’ve hand-crafted a fully-jointed ‘Teddy’s bear’ replica with all the warmth and charm of the real thing. It is finished in fine plush, with hand-embroidered claws and a lovingly quizzical expression.


Your exclusive ‘Teddy’s bear’ will be sent to you in an stylish Collectors’ Presentation Box, along with a 4-page Certificate of Authenticity. Worth £14.99, it’s yours for just £1.99 – with FREE p&p. You’ll also receive a FREE beautiful Teddy Bear Brooch worth £4.99, just for replying!


That’s not all. Order today and you’ll be placed on our priority delivery service. Each month you’ll receive the latest bear in our Heritage Teddy Bear collection. Plus, in your next two deliveries, you’ll receive some exclusive FREE gifts. Read on to find out more…

Each as lovable as the last

No teddies are more enchanting than the sublime musical bears like those made in the early 1900s by the legendary Joseph Pitrmann. ‘Melody’ plays Brahms’ beguiling Lullaby on a genuine wind-up tooth-and-comb mechanical movement. Her soft, cream plush, lovely pink bow and sweet smile make her nearly impossible not to cuddle. She’s worth £14.99, but you only pay £9.99, plus £4.99 p&p. She will arrive in a Collectors’ Box accompanied by a set of 4 Certificate of Authenticity. But that’s not all. You’ll also receive a set of 4 vintage teddy bear postcards and a teddy bear pendant worth £7.99 – absolutely FREE!


Then, just four short weeks later, you will receive the gorgeous ‘Happy Days’ dual-tipped teddy bear. This beautiful, hand-crafted bear has to be seen – and heard – to be believed. Give her a squeeze and the traditional reed-and-bellow ‘tilt’ growler inside makes her ‘roar’ just like a real bear, albeit an adorably cuddly one! Along with the Collectors’ Box and Certificate of Authenticity, you will also receive a FREE teddy bear scarf worth £9.99. And the price of all of this? Just £14.99 (+ £4.99 p&p)! All subsequent issues are £14.99 plus £4.99 p&p.

The ultimate Teddy Bear collection

When creating this Heritage Teddy Bear Collection one thing for us was non-negotiable: they all had to be lovingly handmade. The character and charm of each bear shines through in every carefully-applied stitch and expertly-made costume. After all, these are not just any bears. They all have a fascinating story to tell, as each one is based on a real teddy bear from history, from the first-ever bear to new innovations and popular favourites, all rendered in wonderful soft plush.


If you want teddies with stories, there’s ‘Sasha’ the striking red bear with an amazing connection to the Russian Revolution, or ‘Winnie, the Evacuee Bear’, in her delightful wartime floral cotton dress. ‘Su Lin’ the adorable panda bear takes us from the mountains of China to the zoos of Chicago, while ‘Pom-Pom’, in his traditional Pierrot clown costume, is utterly captivating. Just look at his translucent topaz eyes! Any teddy bear lover will be completely entranced by this unique and exclusive collection of fully-jointed, hand-crafted treasures – so don’t delay: give these precious Heritage Teddy Bears a home today!


  • You will receive an exclusive teddy bear from the Heritage Teddy Bear Collection approximately every 4 weeks, unless you cancel your subscription.

    – Parcel 1: you will receive Teddy's Bear and a FREE gift for just £1.99 + FREE p&p

    – Parcel 2: you will receive Melody The Musical Bear and 2 FREE gifts for just £9.99 + £4.99 p&p

    – Parcel 3: you will receive Happy Days Dual Tipped Bear and a FREE gift for £14.99 + £4.99 p&p

    – Parcel 4 and beyond: you will build up your collection by receiving a new teddy bear each month for just £14.99 + £4.99 p&p

  • No need to pay anything now. You will only be charged once you have received each exclusive teddy bear and decided to keep it with our 14-day try-before-you-buy policy.

  • No commitment: you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

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