The Tractors of the World Diecast Model Collection
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The Tractors of the World Diecast Model Collection

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The vehicle that changed the landscape forever

It’s the raw power, isn’t it? If you’ve ever sat on a tractor you’ll know what we mean. You turn the key and it judders into life. Everything shakes as the machine hauls its way forward across even the boggiest field, churning up the rich soil and planting the seed to bring new life to the land. The tractor was quite simply one of the most revolutionary inventions of all time. Ploughing by hand or even by livestock was painfully slow and difficult. But as soon as the tractor came along and ushered in the era of mechanised farming everything changed. Productivity rocketed, yields multiplied, efficiency boomed. More importantly, mouths were fed. Few innovations have done more to eliminate food poverty than the tractor. It is a vehicle we should rightly celebrate.

Happily, tractors look great too, coming in a variety of shapes and designs that have earned them legions of fans worldwide. Some prefer the early, smaller models; others favour more recent ‘big is beautiful’ designs. All agree that tractors have something other vehicles lack. You could call it pulling power, but whatever it is we’re all for it!

Britain’s greatest tractor – no contest!

Think ‘tractor’ and the first thing that springs to mind is a Little Grey Fergie. It’s the vehicle that rebuilt and helped to feed Britain after the ravages of WWII.  Released in 1946, the Massey Ferguson TE20 was an exercise in great British ingenuity. Post-war, machine parts were scarce. Solution? Devise a tractor that needed just one spanner to service any part, alongside a three-point hitch to which any accessory could be attached. The TE20 was so hardy and versatile it even went to the South Pole, accompanying Sir Edmund Hillary’s legendary 1955-58 expedition! More than half a million Little Grey Fergies were made during its ten years of production – and many are still in use today. It's invincible!

That's why we decided to recreate this wonderful vehicle in perfect 1:32 scale die-cast metal miniature. Worth £14.99, our detailed replica is just £1.99, with FREE p&p. It will be sent to you plinth-mounted in a special presentation box, along with a Certificate of Authenticity and a FREE Ferguson TE20 print worth £4.99. Order today and we will place you on our priority delivery service, meaning that each month you will receive the latest model tractor in this exclusive Tractors of the World collection. Plus, in your next three deliveries you’ll receive some exclusive FREE gifts. Read on to find out more….

More great tractors, more great gifts…

Every tractor collection needs at least one Ford, and we’ve got a great one for you. The Ford 5000, released in 1964, was a giant leap forward in tractor design. Its 4-cylinder 3.8L engine delivered a beefy 69hp, while its elegant forward-sloping nose seemed to point the way into the future. Your 1:32 scale replica, in vibrant blue livery, is worth £14.99 but is yours for just £8.99, plus £4.99 p&p. We’ll send it to you boxed and plinth-mounted, with a Certificate of Authenticity. You'll also receive an exclusive ‘True Classics’ DVD featuring the best tractors ever created. Worth £9.99, to you it’s FREE!

Then, just a few short weeks later, you will receive another stunning Tractors of the World model – the truly iconic David Brown Selectamatic 880. Made by the people that brought you the Aston Martin DB5, this powerful and stylish vehicle takes pride of place in the tractor Hall of Fame. Your 1:32 scale die-cast metal Selectamatic is a must-have, a masterpiece of the model-makers art. At just £14.99 (plus £3.99 p&p) it’s a bargain too. Along with its plinth, presentation box and Certificate of Authenticity it will be sent to you with two incredible gifts: a 64-page ‘European Tractors 1930-1970’ book worth £7.95 and a ‘Ford 5000’ tractor print worth £4.99 – both ABSOLUTELY FREE! All subsequent issues are £14.99 plus £3.99 p&p.

An essential collection for any tractor lover

Like us Brits, the Germans and the Americans are pretty good at making tractors too. Witness the Hanomag R40. Like the Little Grey Fergie, this machine helped rebuild its home nation after WWII. And, in true German style, it’s big too – but wonderfully made and engineered. Then there’s the Fordson Super Dexta from 1963 – designed in America and made in Dagenham. Anglo-American co-operation at its best.  And wait until you see the simply stunning Porsche Master N419. It’s a thing of beauty and is not to be missed under any circumstances. Of course, this is just for starters. We’ve got tractors, tractors and more tractors ready and waiting for you…

For sheer variety and depth, there is no series anywhere to match this. All the classics are there in an awe-inspiring range that reads like a who’s who of classic tractor design. Like the real machines themselves, these superb replicas are marvels of design and engineering. The liveries and details have been carefully researched and authenticated and we hope you have as much fun and enthusiasm in collecting these model tractors as we had making them. Don’t miss this opportunity to own the finest collection of die-cast metal tractors. It’s not available anywhere else and there’s no commitment to buy any more models than those you want. So, order now...


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    – Parcel 3: you will receive the David Brown 880 Selectamatic tractor and two FREE gifts for £14.99 + £3.99 p&p

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